December 6, 2010

Thailand Part 5: The Best Day

Often times people ask what the best part of your trip was. For me, it was this day. Unfortunately I don't have photos of every part of it, but there is enough to paint a clear enough picture.

We woke up and enjoyed breakfast at our resort where we sat at a bar overlooking the ocean. The breakfast at Lebua (see Part 1) was amazing, but the view here was something I'd never experienced before. From there we were off to meet our new friends at Goodtime Adventures.

We made our way to one of the highest points of Koh Tao for an afternoon of scaling granite rock at an area known as Mek's Mountain. We were able to escape the morning heat at most areas, but some were in the sun and almost unbearable. While we were up there we trekked up to the top of Fraggle Rock for a gorgeous panoramic view of Koh Tao.

Around noon we escaped the blistering heat of the mountainside for our first scuba diving adventure of the trip. Unfortunately I don't have waterproof housing for my camera and this part of the trip is left to memory. However, this was an amazing way to spend the afternoon. In between dives (we did 2 this day), we stopped off at a rocky shore for some cliff jumping. The perfect way to spend a surface interval!

When we finished our second dive we returned to the Goodtime Adventures shop where the guys enjoyed some cold ones while the girls had their first Thai Massages on the beach(sans fish).

Rock climbing, 2 scuba dives, cliff jumping, and soaking it all in on the beach made for the best day.