October 19, 2010

Thailand Part 1: Bangkok

The long awaited, much anticipated Thailand posts have officially begun! I apologize for the delay, but I assure those of you (there's got to be 1 or 2 of you) who have waited patiently, it will be worth it. I originally planned on this being 5 or so different posts covering the whole trip. But after going through the first day (and this is not even close to all of it), I realized I was in for a much larger project. So on to the details...

After a 11.5 hour flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo and another 6.5 hour flight from Tokyo to Bangkok, we finally arrived in Bangkok around 2:00am. The following morning was followed by one of the best breakfast's I (and I don't think I'm alone on this) have ever experienced. Aside from that, it was free and included with our hotel. We then set out to the Grand Palace where we were lucky enough to have the greatest local (and easy on the eyes) tour guide, Oh. She helped us find our way and even though she herself wasn't appropriately dressed, she made sure we had donned proper clothing. The sights were amazing and the heat was even beyond that. I thought we were all going to melt!

October 10, 2010

Golfing with Dad

This summer I was able to spend a great morning with my dad out on the golf course. Golf is definitely not my sport. But taking photos is. And I thought it would be a great way to spend time with my dad and get some shots of something I'm not normally around. I got a new appreciation for the sport and it was a lot of fun watching someone who actually knows what they're doing out there. My dad was a good model and he put up with my shutter noise during his swing. Thanks dad!