November 4, 2010

Thailand Part 2: Longtail Tour

We made our way through a small market to escape the heat of the Grand Palace and take a longtail boat ride through the back channels of the Chao Phraya River. The market was full of exotic fruits, vegetables and ready-to-eat foods. Arriving at the river we found our longtail boat. The boats are equipped with a very large engine and a long shaft that goes far behind the boat, which helps navigate in shallow waters. The channels were lined with lower-class housing and we came across a few locals. One lady in her "floating market" offered us her trinkets which we weren't interested in. Then she opened her cooler of beer. She knew exactly how to get our attention! Toward the end of the tour we stopped off at a temple that you can see in the background. Just seeing the daily life of some of the locals, relaxing with an ice cold beer, and enjoying the ride made for one of the best afternoons in Bangkok. 

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