March 24, 2012

Three weeks ago as I was driving my full-size truck across a frozen lake, I reflected back on one of the most amazing fishing seasons I've had on the ice. The mild Minnesota Winter had forced us further north to Lake Mille Lacs where I spent numerous "banner" fishing weekends with some great friends. One of those friends was professional fisherman and guide, Matt Peters.

Looking back, I find myself itching for open water fishing as I revisit these photos from last fall of Matt in action on his new 2012 Ranger Z521. Not only does this gorgeous boat catch fish, it makes you look good doing it too. Having Matt (and his horseshoe) along is just a bonus… but I give full credit to the Ranger. It's totally the boat… not the man. (sarcasm)

As the new fishing season approaches, I hope to share with you more photos of this boat and (in all honesty) the guy who makes it do all the wonderful things it does.

If you're looking to forego a monotonous 8 hour day at the office staring at a computer screen in favor of dancing with some of God's ferocious finned friends, I'd highly recommend getting in touch with Matt. Even if he is currently on the water (hard or soft, doesn't matter - he's on it), you can reach him via

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