May 27, 2012

Amsterdam 2011

After an extensive countryside tour of Tuscany, I was looking forward to getting back to familiar ground in Amsterdam. Visiting this city for my fourth time, I thought I knew what to expect. But then again, why should I? Each and every one of my visits to Amsterdam thus far had been completely unique - and this was yet another.

Hands down, this was some of the best weather I've experienced while in Amsterdam. I finally made it to the Heineken brewery tour, finally rented a bike (which I'll never go again without), toured the Anne Frank House, took a midnight boat cruise and indulged in some of the best eats (insert: chocolate croissants) while visiting this gorgeous city with all of its gorgeous people (and by people, I mean tall, blonde females).

One of our most memorable (however a bit foggy…) nights was spent with a local friend we had met when we were in Thailand a few years back. It's amazing that we can meet someone halfway across the world, on a small corner of a Thailand beach, not see them again until we visit their side of the globe in the Netherlands... and yet pick up like no time had passed.  We will not forget our night getting the "local" treatment with our great friend, Marco …even though it was a night we won't remember to forget.

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