May 12, 2013

Best Mother in the World

I haven't been a dad for very long. Soon it will be 8 months, however it seems like an eternity. The occasional long nights and the all-too-often tired days seem to go on forever. But I know this is not even the beginning of what I hope will be countless years growing old as a father. I do what I can to pull my weight each and every day. And it is all so rewarding to watch our amazing son grow. But I have no idea what it is like to be a mother.

There's a good chance you would claim you have the best mother in the world. And I'm sure you do. Every mom is the best mother in the world to their own child. My mom makes the best egg bake. And I'm sure your mom does too. 

What surprises me most about becoming a father is finally seeing how truly special a mother is to their child. Don't get me wrong, as fathers we have plenty of great moments and fun times. But the mom is who they routinely turn to for comfort, for security, for nourishment. And mom is always there lovingly providing these desires to their baby without hesitation.

Thanks for all you do, moms. You are exactly the best mom anyone could ask for.

This is for all great moms out there, but a few are worth mentioning: two Lolas, Laken's mom, Marlene (sorry for slacking), my mom and all the greatest moms you've all ever had.

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